Women often shy away from lifting weights for a number of reasons, from fear of bulking up to thinking they’re not strong enough. The fact is, weight training is an ultra-effective way for women and men to get in great shape. Here are some of the benefits for why women should be lifting weights.

  • Gain muscle and burn fat.

Through weight training, your body will become more efficient at burning fat. For every single pound of muscle gained, your body burns 30 to 50 more calories just to maintain it and this even happens hours after you have finished. Don’t worry about becoming bulky as it takes a long time of training intensely with the help of supplements and strict diet plans.

    2. You will get much stronger.

Heavy weight training leads to a stronger body that’s less susceptible to injury, which means taking on daily activities that require any form of lifting a lot easier.

      3. It speeds up your metabolism

Weight training speeds up your metabolism, and this heightened “afterburn” effect can continue for more than 24 hours after you finish your workout. Weight lifting will turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

  4. Watch your confidence grow as well as your muscle.

A strong mind and body go hand in hand. As you see your body transform, weight training gives you so many reasons to feel good about yourself. These all add to an increased sense of self-worth, which will have a positive impact on other areas of your life outside the gym.

  5. Say goodbye to the boring treadmill.

If you can’t stand running on a treadmill or using the cross-trainers weight training provides cardiovascular benefits and will help you develop a better, stronger, more athletic physique that you work so hard for.

These are some of the huge amounts of benefits that come with weight lifting. So what are you waiting for? Get lifting!