Do you work with people with back problems?

Actually about 80% of clients referred to us are for back related pain and dysfunction, our Advanced Bodywork Therapy model has been highly effective.

Do I have to be fit before I start a fitness program?

This is a common worry with clients only starting into or getting back to exercise. They feel embarrassed about where they have are and felt they should get fitter before calling us. The truth is even fit people feel that way when starting something new. Your program is designed for where you are now so you can start at any level of fitness and then we progress you by expanding your comfort zones.

What age group do you work with?

Our youngest client has been 2 years old and our oldest 93! I imagine you will be between them somewhere. 😉

What do you charge for your personal training?

This will ultimately come down to the level of 121 coaching you desire and your personal goals and budget. Saying that our minimum monthly programs generally start at €280 per month unless you have been with us before and can follow a program without needing coaching of each exercise, which beginners need, or your at a level that needs a very slow progression due to illness, injury or disability which can start at €140 per month.

Your Holistic Lifestyle Coaching has exercise and nutrition, but so does your Personal Training, whats the difference?

This is because we follow a holistic approach to everything we do. For example, if we trained you but didn’t look at your nutrition also you simply would not get healthy results. The difference is in how we approach your coaching time with us, with Personal training most of your 1-2-1 times will be spent doing exercise, whereas with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching your 1-2-1 time can vary a lot depending on your current life challenges/goals/stress. One day you could be getting a massage or doing stretching exercise then focus more on setting healthy lifestyle habits, eating plans or just learning how to do a handstand for your yoga class 😉